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Saying Goodbye to Alcohol

When alcohol controls our lives more than we do, it is time to say goodbye. When our health, relationships, work, legal…

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Recovery During the Holidays in 2020

The holidays can be a difficult time to be sober. Traditional social gatherings often have an excess of alcohol and other…

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Letting Outpatient Treatment for Addiction Work for You

When the subject of going into rehab for a substance use disorder is brought up, the typical thought process usually involves…

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Why Opioid Addiction Is So Powerful

From prescription painkillers that are prescribed after injury or surgery, to fentanyl and heroin that are used recreationally, they all have…

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relapse plan
Relapse: Having a Plan

No one plans to fail but those who fail to plan may not succeed. No matter how successful we may feel…

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Why Stigma About Addiction Is Harmful

At some point in our lives, people have witnessed stigma about addiction. On television, in the movies, in the media, on…

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What Is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

Life is rarely simple. Nothing about addiction is simple either. Actively using drugs or alcohol complicates our lives. Trying to recover…

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Breaking the Familial Cycle of Substance Abuse
Breaking the Familial Cycle of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a healthcare crisis in the United States. So many factors contribute to different people developing substance use disorder,…

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Patient, Family & Staff Safety is our Priority: COVID-19Update