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Our Approach

Proven Pathways, Personalized to You

Through the intensive outpatient program, New Life transitions patients from crisis to stabilization, providing a full complement of addiction treatment and mental health support services. Our addiction treatment program is based on a medical model where addiction is considered a disease and treated on an individualized basis.
New Life offers a safe and confidential atmosphere that promotes various avenues of treatment and assists patients in developing a healthy and sober lifestyle. Patients’ needs are quickly assessed and appropriate on-site psychiatric care, including medication if needed, is provided.
New Life ACS - Family & Friends Support Group

What to Expect from Our Recovery Program

Here is what a patient can expect from our proven, yet personalized, approach:

New Life ACS - Family & Friends Support Group

Why Choose an Outpatient Program?

New Life’s intensive outpatient program permits patients to go about their daily lives while still receiving optimal treatment. It is especially effective for individuals who have:

  • Moderate to severe alcohol and/or drug dependence
  • Preference for a less-restrictive treatment experience, allowing for continued commitments to their job, school, family and other activities

And because addiction tends to impact everyone, New Life offers family members and significant others who need support a Family & Friends Support Group.

New Life wants everyone—from patients to the people in their lives—to experience unwavering support from our team and apply the skills learned in our program to everyday life.

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