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Outpatient Group Programs

Intensive and Traditional Outpatient Group Therapy

Once you’ve gone through the assessment/evaluation process at New Life, you are placed in intensive outpatient group therapy or traditional outpatient group therapy. These outpatient groups are designed to give you the structure and support you need, along with the convenience of continuing with your regular weekly schedule. You will gain strategies to help you cope, build relationships with peers and be able to apply what you learn after each session.

Here’s what you can expect from New Life group counseling:

  • Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy: Phase 1 – This group integrates education, self-awareness and a 12-step approach to recovery. This first phase meets three days a week for three hours per session.
  • Continuation of Care Outpatient Group Therapy: Phase 2 – For patients completing the first phase, this program is a less-intense continuation of the recovery program. Meeting twice a week for one hour per session, the continuation of care group therapy allows patients to enhance their recovery skills by building on previously learned recovery principles. By this phase, patients have established a “home group” and a sponsor, ensuring they have a solid recovery network in place before New Life steps down its level of support.
  • Traditional outpatient group therapy: For a less concentrated amount of support, this group therapy session meets for one hour per week.

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Group (ADTG) Program

These groups are designed to educate and support patients who have a substance use disorder or have been given a mild diagnosis (meaning that the person is a first-time drug or DUI offender and/or has not been diagnosed with addiction). A certificate is offered to prove group completion to courts, employers, etc. Groups meet one hour a week for 12-26 weeks led by a veteran addictions counselor.


“I liked New Life because they offer a supportive, safe environment that is conducive to recovery.”
– J.D.

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