New Life ACS - 12-Step Programs

12-Step Programs

Tried & True Stepping Stones for Those Who Need Help

The 12-step philosophy is a community effort of recovery that has helped millions of people. The process takes time and is a big commitment, but the results can transform your life.
New Life ACS - 12-Step Programs

What to Expect from 12-Step

When you go to 12-step meetings, you:

  • Realize that recovery is possible
  • Learn other people’s recovery techniques
  • Will not be judged
  • Are reminded of the consequences of using
  • Have a safe place to go* 

*Adapted from Addictions and Recovery.

New Life ACS - 12-Step Programs

Outside Meetings

Because of the effectiveness of the 12-step program, we offer that as an avenue to consider for New Life patients in our intensive outpatient program and continuation of care program. The meetings are free, universally accessible in almost every community, and available to the person with substance use disorder as well as to family members.

Some of the outside meetings that we recommend are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Chemically Dependent Anonymous (CDA), Smart Recovery and Celebrate Recovery. By attending these meetings and working through the 12-step program, patients not only learn how to maintain their sobriety, they find out how to live a more purposeful life. They learn how to give their lives order, how to respect themselves and ultimately how to take responsibility for their lives. The 12-step process gives patients a chance to love themselves again.


“I feel like New Life is a very helpful program. I have made a lot of new clean and sober friends throughout my journey in the New Life program, which has helped me to stay clean.” – S.S.

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