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Co-Occurring Disorders

Get the Right Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

When you or someone you love is dealing with addiction, the likelihood that there is an underlying condition causing it can be great. This is usually referred to as having a co-occurring disorder, which means a person has been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder and at least one substance use disorder. The mental health disorder ranges from anxiety or depression to bipolar disorder.

At New Life, we believe that it’s important to get the right mental health service to treat any co-occurring illnesses so that goals are met.

New Life Approach to Co-Occurring Disorders

New Life approaches co-occurring disorders with psychiatric evaluations and medication management and individual psychotherapy. These services are provided to current New Life patients or patients who have completed our treatment program and are maintaining sobriety.

Patients who have a co-occurring disorder must enroll in the substance abuse treatment program before they can see any doctor or therapist for other services, such as opiate detox, alcohol detox and/or mental health services.

Patients with co-occurring disorder will be scheduled for an evaluation with one of New Life’s staff members. Patients who wish to continue to see their own psychiatrist may do so as long as they sign a release so we can obtain their psychiatric information from their physician. Follow-up visits may include medication management. All psychiatric services overlap with New Life group counseling services.

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