New Year’s resolutions are broken almost as often as they are kept. Addiction relapse in recovery is also all too common. So, what can you do if your New Year’s resolution is your addiction recovery? Are there steps that you can take to ensure your success? Planning now for success in your recovery is one of the most important measures you can take to ensure your success with your New Year’s resolution.

Reaching your destination is always easier when you have a map to guide you. If you want to know how to beat addictions, you will also need to map out a plan of how you are going to achieve your resolution of recovery. Your recovery plan can be simple, but there are a few things that will help you to prevent relapse. Here are five ways to keep your New Year’s resolution of recovery.

1) Commit to Yourself

You can enter treatment for addiction with the best of intentions for other people in your life, making promises to loved ones that you will become sober for them. However, until you make the commitment to yourself, you will be at greater risk for addiction relapse. 

It is wonderful to care about the people you love enough to want to change your life for them but to truly be in recovery, you need to learn to care about yourself enough to find out how to beat addictions for you. By committing to yourself to improve your own life, you unleash more power to change your life permanently, and for the better.

2) Learn Relapse Prevention Techniques

Preventing relapse takes willpower, but it also takes education. Learning strategies and tools to help you resist cravings and maintain your New Year’s resolution is very important to your recovery. Education empowers you and gives you more opportunities for success.

When you receive treatment for your addictions, you will also have the opportunity to learn about preventative steps you can take to avoid the people, places and situations that might make you relapse. You can learn how to strengthen your mind to resist the mental cravings, and you can learn tips and tricks to help your body work through the physical cravings to prevent addiction relapse.

3) Build Your Support Network

Trying to recover on your own is very, very difficult. Addiction is powerful, and it is OK to ask for help from other people—it can be just as empowering for others to support you as it is for you to receive support. Building a network of people in your life who can support you in different ways is one of the keys to successful recoveries. Your network will include everyone from professionals who are helping to treat you to friends, family and sponsors. As you become stronger in your recovery, you can become part of others’ support networks, too.

4) Rely on Others

Learning to trust and rely upon others may seem like a weakness, but it is actually a strength. As you learn how to beat addictions, you will realize that it takes a lot of strength to reach out to others to support you when you are struggling. Great power can be found in relying on others for support. The symbiotic relationship of support in addiction recovery is like a beautiful garden that keeps growing and blossoming.

5) Believe in Yourself

As you continue in your recovery every day, checking in with your plan for the new year, you will find that believing in yourself will give you added strength when you might feel weak or overwhelmed. 

The ability to trust yourself grows with your success, but only by believing that you can learn how to beat addictions in the first place will you find success in recovery. You need to take that leap of faith, begin your treatment for substance abuse, and as you reach success each day, your belief in yourself will grow exponentially.

You have the opportunity to start the New Year off right. Make your resolution to yourself today that you will begin your recovery journey right here, right now. Everything that you need to be successful is already inside of you. You simply have to make the commitment and believe in yourself.


This New Year make the resolution to begin your recovery journey. Learn how to beat addictions by beginning your treatment for substance abuse. At New Life, we put you back in the driver’s seat of your life. Call our Maryland outpatient treatment program at (877) 929-2571 to begin creating the map for your recovery journey. We have caring staff who have been there and want to help you succeed. Don’t wait—make your recovery plan today.